NRSC 2230 / GEOG 2750

Accessing Vegetation Resource Inventory Data (VRI)

These are digital files from the Ministry of Forests giving details of Vegetation Inventory.  Enter the site here.

Download the data dictionary from the VRI Data Documents labelled

VRI Veg Comp Poly Rank 1 Data Dictionary [Download]

This dictionary gives information about the VRI data attributes. Once you have this data dictionary, you will then download the VRI data.  You will have to reference the area of interest against the 1:250 000 grid to identify the relevant grid sheets. Data download is as follows:

Go to Download Resources on the left side of the page

Click on Download Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI) Data

The process is now similar to our previous download.

Choose VRI Forest Vegetation Composite Polygons and Rank 1

If this choice is not available perform a search using the string VRI.

You are only able to download one 250 000 map sheet in each download session.