NRSC 2230 / GEOG 2750

Module A: Using Blogs


As outlined in the Course Description, you will be using a personal blog to share information with the instructor and your other classmates. This Module is designed to get you familiar with blogs and using blogs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Create your personal blog
  • Post information on your blog
  • Link your blog to other blogs / sources
  • Post comments on other blogs

Activity 1 – Learning about Blogs

If you are not familiar with blogs, click the link below to view a short youtube video that describes this tool.

Video: Blogs in Plain English

Activity 2 – Exploring blogs

Use your favourite browser to visit at least two related blogs.  One blog should relate to GIS technical issues, the other blog should relate to GIS / Analysis issues in your field of specialization .

Activity 3 – Creating your personal blog

You are now required to create your personal Blog.  Visit the learn wordpress site and walk through the steps to create your blog.  This blog has been created using the WordPress service and the examples that follow relate to this service.  Please create your blog using WordPress.  There are other blog services available e.g. Blogger.  You may wish to visit these sites for more information on the design, creation and use of Blogs.

You can access the WordPress site at http:\

You can access the Blogger site at

Please inform me and the rest of the class of your blog address.

Activity 4 – Creating your first blog posting

Writing in a blog is referred to as creating a posting. Go to your Blog, log in and create a short post. You should give this post the title Personal Introduction. In this post, please give a brief description of your major at TRU, tell us what you expect to get out of this course and explain how this training will improve / change what you do.  The link below shows a short youtube video on creating a post.

Creating a post

Activity 5 – Linking your blog to the other blogs

You should now link your blog to the instructor blogsite and blogsites of the other members of the class. The link below shows a short youtube video on linking your blog. You may open the player if youtube is unavailable.

Use the following steps:

  • Under the Meta heading (on the right side) choose Site Admin
  • Click on the Links icon (on the left)
  • Choose Add New
  • Fill the Name, Web Address, and Description text boxes
  • Under the Categories section, check the Blogroll box

The web address to this blogsite is  You would need the web addresses of the blogsites of the other members of the class.

If you wish, you can view a short videos that walk you through these steps here.


How to add links or blogroll

How to add links to your wordpress blog


If you wish to change the appearance of your blog, you may explore several themes by clicking the Appearance icon (on the left) and activating a template of your choice.